Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jesse Robredo: 1958-2012

I don’t know Jesse Robredo.  But when someone would jump the high seas just to witness a proud moment in his child’s life – I admire him.  And for this person to work for the government, I admire him even more.

At least I know where his heart is.

If a man would not miss his child for the world then he knows his priorities, and it is certainly not his work at the government.   And this is the kind of love that everyone in the government should possess.

If a government man values his family over his life then he is motivated to give his all to his job -- and not get all from it -- knowing fully well that what he does at work will have an effect, good or bad, to those he loves.

You know where his heart is.

I don’t know him but my heart is heavy.

Secretary Jesse Robredo, may you rest in peace.  And may your life of simplicity and service be an example to every Filipino, especially those in the government who may not think that their child’s smallest victory is perhaps the most important in this world.

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